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As we are currently touring, we have shipped all our shirts to Germany for Merch Queen Wendy to sell in her booth. So at this moment there are no shirts available in our store. After the tour we will put all available merchandising online.

Latest Album Release

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The long awaited ‘MESH Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig’ was released on November 24th 2017.

The Live CD includes 30 Minutes of full orchestral live recordings (with a 65 piece orchestra) and three additional studio tracks in classical arrangements.

The album is released in three editions: A regular CD edition, a gatefold vinyl edition and a highly limited boxset called the “Großer Saal” Edition, including the Vinyl edition, a CD and 5.1 Surround audio DVD edition (audio only), a beautiful hardcover artbook and the full sheet music (144 pages) of classic arranger Conrad Oleak for all performing musicians out there. The artbook includes liner notes and memories from all four Mesh members, plus photos of the live event and the consecutive studio sessions.

Only the regular edition can be bought at the mesh store. For the other editions of “Mesh – Live At Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig” we kindly refer you to the website of our record company Dependent,  major online players like Amazon, Itunes,… or at your local record store.

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